Choc chia overnight breakfast (to-go)

On the importance of breakfasts…

I had to wake up really really early today so I decided to skip breakfast home and prepare a to-go version to take with me instead. I’m one of those persons who just need a proper breakfast in order to get my brain functioning so skipping breakfast completely is never an option. Besides, we all want to avoid unnecessary snacking between meals + overeating at lunch and feeling bloated afterwards, don’t we?

Overnight breakfast are such an easy way to save some minutes from your morning routines – it takes only about a second to pick your overnight jar from the fridge and only about a minute to add the toppings. Moreover, these breakfasts packed in jars are not only super easy to enjoy almost anywhere – for example on your way to work or uni or school – but they also look super cute and taste delicious. Oh, how I love breakfast.

Choc chia overnight breakfast

What you will need:

1/2dl oat flakes

1/2dl rye flakes

2dl oat milk

1tbsp chia seeds

1tsp-1tbsp raw cacao (or carob) depending on how chocolatey you like it 

Preferred toppings:

goji berries, cloudberries, cacao nibs

How to do it?

  • Blend all other ingredients except for the orange(s) and goji berries in an airtight jar. Allow a moment for the mixture to build up and then stir once more.
  • Place the jar in the fridge and leave it there to thicken for at least 1-2 hours but preferably overnight.
  • In the morning, top your choc chia breakfast with sliced orange and goji berries or your other preferred fruit/berries and then just enjoy immediately (or pack it to go on busy mornings).

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