About Us

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My name is Meghan Riley, and I’m the main writer behind blueberryboost.com.

A few years ago I had a health scare that made me think long and hard about the food I was eating. At the time, I was unhappy with my weight, and I had extremely low energy levels.

Feeling frustrated and backed into a corner, I decided to make a change…

I learned everything I could about diet and nutrition, and started experimenting with various foods to find the right health regimen for my body.

A few months later, I stumbled upon a combination of natural foods that boosted my energy, restored health to my hair and skin, and helped me shed some unwanted weight.

Now I’ve never been healthier!

Blueberry Boost is the result of my journey, and I’m happy to share my discoveries with others.

Are YOU ready to start your very own health journey?

Check out our blog for tips and inspiration!

To your success,

Meghan Riley