Eating what’s in season: Pink beetroot Pesto

I always try to eat and buy what is in season because A. seasonal foods are fresher and taste better B. they are often easier for the wallet C. they have not been transported from the other side of the planet and are thus more eco-friedly too. So now that new local root vegetables are available, I got a big bunch of beautiful Finnish carrots, radishes and beets from the food store: the carrots to snack on, the radishes for potato salad and the beets with the intention make my favourite beetroot pesto! Oh how I’ve missed this one…the difference between using some sad old beets versus newly cropped seasonal beets is just impossible to describe. I seriously recommend you to start always checking what’s in season before making any meal planning. And even more seriously I hope that you have seasonal beetroots in hand too!

This healthy beet pesto is perfect with pasta and good change to your usual green pestos. Besides, it’s super easy and takes only a couple of minutes to prepare.

Pink beetroot Pesto

What you will need:

Serves one hungry person who likes to add a lot of pesto into his/her pasta

1 big or 2 smaller beetroots

A big handful of fresh basil

A big handful of fresh coriander

1/4dl pumpkin seeds

1tbsp lemon juice

2 sundried tomatoes (4 halves)

water to thin if needed

How to do it?

  • Chop your beetroot into cubes and steam it until soft.
  • If your sundried tomatoes are not soft, soak them in water according to package instructions until soft.
  • Add the cooked beetroot into your food processor with other ingredients and process until smooth. Add water to thin if needed (I don’t add water).
  • Enjoy with wholegrain pasta and lots of greens!

xx a

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