Hot day hydration: Liquid licorice smoothie

I’ve always loved licorice and “salmiakki”, the salty licorice Finnish people tend to eat a lot, but since I don’t really eat store-bought candy anymore, I’ve been missing these treats a tiny bit. So of course I started thinking of something tasting like licorice that I could make home. Then I found simple licorice root powder from the foodstore from an organic brand called Urtekram and decided to create something with it. My first attempt using the licorice root powder was this smoothie…kind of licoric-y and caramel-y but not too sweet and ridiculously easy to make. In other words a great quick afternoon snack on a hot summer day: super fresh, hydrating with the coconut water and not too heavy in this heat! It’s amazing how so few ingredients can create something so delicious.

P.S. Did you know that licorice root is said to reduce depression, remove excessive cholesterol from your body, balance your hormone system and help digestion?

P.P.S. I think licorice flavoured bliss balls will be coming up veeeeery soon…

Liquid licorice smoothie

What you will need:

4 small yellow/orange plums (or three big ones)

2dl banana infused coconutwater (I use organic Antonio Martin’s – it’s 75% coconut water and 25% banana puree)

1/2tsp licorice root powder

1tsp carob powder

4 ice cubes

How to do it?

Remove the seeds from your plums and them just process everything together & enjoy (for example with a raw snack bar)!

xx a

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