Spicing up the night

Yesterday was the first end of summer day that really felt like autumn. The night was rainy, chilly and dark. A perfect night for making the first really hot meal in ages (I like to eat everything chilled or rather room-temperature when the weather is warm – except for my coffee which is always burning hot).

So I made this simple hot spicy stew with a bunch of veggies, lots of spices and some tofu for extra protein, topped it with lots of fresh coriander, organic yogurt and chili flakes. On the side I had some quinoa and a fresh sprout salad to make a complete meal. It was a delicious way to welcome autumn…and I got some leftovers for lunch.

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Spicy tofu and vegetable stew

Serves 2-3

What you will need:

270g firm tofu (plain)

2x 295g cans of chopped tomatoes

1/2 of a medium zucchini

1/4 of a medium broccoli floret

1 medium yellow bell pepper

1 medium red onion

1tbsp coconut oil

1-2tsp paprika

1tsp turmeric

1/2tsp ground cumin

Himalayan salt to taste

Preferred extras for serving:

fresh coriander, sprouts/greens , chili flakes, yogurt

How to do it?

  • Heat up the coconut oil in a large skillet and add paprika, turmeric and cumin.
  • Chop your onion and sautée it on the pan with coconut oil and spices with medium to high heat.
  • Dry your tofu, cube it and add it to the pan – mix well with the onions so that the spices get distributed evenly.
  • In the meanwhile, chop your vegetables and add them to the pan when the tofu has picked some colour. Cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Then add the chopped tomato sauce, reduce the heat to medium and cover the pan. Cook for around 30mins until the broccoli is soft, stirring every once in a while and reducing heat towards the end if needed.
  • Taste and add salt to your preference.
  • Serve with your choice of yogurt, chili flakes and lots of fresh coriander! (You could also have some quinoa and a salad on the side).
  • Don’t forget the coriander!

xx a

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