Autumnal breakfast vibes

I’m a very seasonal eater, so the moment the weather starts to turn colder and the mornings begin to remain darker, I start craving hotter and more comforting breakfasts. Like oatmeal. Or baked oatmeal on weekends, when there is a little more time. I decided to start my transition towards autumn & hotter breakfasts with this baked berry oatmeal with blackcurrant vanilla chia jam because it’s pretty simple and doesn’t take that much time to prepare. It’s super warming and the berries give it just the right amount of fruitiness ant moist to contrast with the sticky spicy oats and rye. I think the blackurrant vanilla chia jam goes very well with this berry oatmeal, but you can of course leave it out if you prefer to serve your breakfast with something else. I imagine that cold (plant) milk or yogurt would make a good combo too. Hovewer, if you decide to stick with the jam, I suggest you to make it already the night before to have a better texture and to save some time in the morning.

Baked berry oatmeal with blackcurrant vanilla chia jam

What you will need:


2dl gooseberries (or other berries of choice)

1/2dl oat flakes “rolled oats”

1/2dl rye flakes

1dl oat milk

1tbsp ground flaxseed

1/2tsp cardamom

1/2tsp cinnamon

1tsp Manuka honey (optional, see note)

Note: If you wish to have a sweeter breakfast, add 1tsp-1tbsp sweetener of choice to the oatmeal mixture (I like to use a teaspoon of active Manuka honey, but regular honey, agave, coconut sugar, maple syrup etc. will do as well)

Chia jam

1dl blackcurrants

1/2dl water

1tbsp chia seeds

1/2tsp vanilla powder

Preferred toppings:

blackcurrants, crushed almonds, chia jam


How to do it:


  • Preheat your oven to 175c.
  • In the meanwhile, mix your oats, rye, flaxseeds and spices. Blend in the oat milk and sweetener if using. Let your oats/rye soak for a while, then blend in the berries and transfer to an oven-safe bowl.
  • Bake for around 20mins until you start to smell the spices.
  • Top with fresh blackcurrants, crushed almonds and chia jam + enjoy!

Chia jam:

  • Prepare your chia jam the night before so you don’t have to spend time with that in the morning: simply mix the chia seeds with vanilla and water. Let the chia seeds absorb some water and then blend in the blackcurrants, crushing them with a fork.
  • Place in the fridge overnight.

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