Eating what’s in season: a salad idea

A new salad recipe. Again. Why? Because as I’ve already mentioned in earlier posts, salads are what I have for lunch almost every day. Not only because they are a quick, easy and healthy option, but also because salads keep rather well in the fridge and can thus be prepared in advance and taken to work or university on the next day. Today’s new salad recipe makes a very nourishing and balanced meal with quinoa, leafy greens, the best seasonal autumn vegetables, some string beans and that lemon-tahini dressing I like to use with almost everything. Add some sauerkraut for extra fiber and vitamins C and K (but watch out for the sodium)!

P.S. If you pack this salad in a lunch box and store it in the fridge overnight, I suggest you to add the dressing only just before eating so you can keep the leafy greens fresher in the meanwhile.

Autumn vegetable and quinoa salad

What you will need:

1/2dl uncooked quinoa

a big handful of silverbeet (chard) or baby spinach or both

a large purple cabbage leaf

1/5 of a small Hokkaido pumpkin

a piece of a parsnip root the size of your palm

125g of string beans (I used tri-colour ones)

For serving:lemon-tahini dressing

sesame seeds

sauerkraut (optional)

Himalayan salt to taste

How to do it?

  • Rinse and then cook your quinoa according to package instructions (15-20mins in boiling water)
  • In the meanwhile, peel your parsnip root and cur it into cubes. Steam until soft.
  • Wash your Hokkaido pumpkin and cut it into cubes as well. Steam until soft. You don’t have to peel Hokkaido pumpkin – the skin is edible.
  • Wash your French beans and cut them into two pieces. Also remove the hard ends if there are some. Steam until soft.
  • Wash your leafy greens and cabbage and remove the stems from the silverbeet. If your silverbeet leaves are really large, you can tear them into smaller pieces. Slice your cabbage into bit-sized pieces.
  • When you have your quinoa ready and vegetables steamed, set them aside to cool down a bit before mixing with your leafy greens and cabbage.
  • When you have mixed all your salad ingredients, blend in the dressing and sprinkle with some sesame seeds! I like to have my salad with some sauerkraut too. Add salt to taste but notice that tahini and sauerkraut already contain salt so you might not need any! Enjoy!

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