The week in workouts

For me and for most people, a new year resonates with new beginnings. The start of a new year gives a great possibility for making promises, taking up new habits and routines or  even “getting back on track” if that is needed. Although I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions for 2015, I thought the start of the new year would be a good moment for updating blueberryboost a bit. Previously, this blog has been only about healthy food and recipes, but as my passion for wellness and healthy living goes way beyond cooking, I have decided to include some new categories into the blog and start writing more broadly about my lifestyle. An extremely important part of my wellbeing are regular yoga practices as well as my weekly gym workout sessions, so starting with a category on this area seems natural.
My interest for sports goes back to early childhood. I started with ballet as a little kid, then later switched to gymnastics and jazz dance. On top of that, especially as a teenager, I used to spend all my winter days in the nearby skiing center, loving the speed and practicing all kinds of tricks that I today consider way too dangerous. Until starting university 3-4 years ago, I attended regular dance classes five times a week; that was about all the training I did at that time in addition to only some running and stretching. However, starting university and moving to a new city meant quitting my dance group and starting with individual training. As soon as I got settled up, I also immediately signed up to my university gym which, thank goodness, has been a pretty good one. Today, I regularly attend the gym group workout sessions – bodycombat and boxing are my favourites. On top of that, I practice yoga home and tend to do at least one longer weight training per week in addition to the other workouts.

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My typical workout week consists of 3-4 cardio sessions, one weight training session and 1-2 yoga practices. I also always reserve at least one day for just letting the body recover. For the cardio sessions, I love boxing and Les Mills bodycombat classes at the gym – these are both one hour long sets. In summertime, I include also 40-50 minute jogs outdoors in the city. and sometimes, my cardio training consists of a 15-20 minute HIIT workout using the gym treadmill combined with a 15-30 minute pilates core workout or other muscle training. For the weight training, I usually attend bodypump classes at the gym – this is also a Les Mills workout using body weight, kettle bells and bar bells. I will post below an example of how this week looked in terms of training!

Monday: bodycombat class (55 min)

Tuesday: yoga for flexibility (30 min)

Wednesday: boxing class (55 min)

Thursday: bodypump/weight training (55 min)

Friday: rest day!

Saturday: intense vinyasa flow yoga (45 min)

Sunday: bodycombat class (55 min)

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