Digital wellness for your body (and mind)

“I don’t have time” should never be an excuse for not exercising regularly or taking good care of your body (and mind). Should your theoretical lack of time result from having a tight schedule or not having quick access to a full-equipped gym, I dare say that there is always a way to round these potential obstacles. We only need to involve a little creativity. Because at the end, our ultimate goal is to feel well and live a balanced lifestyle, isn’t it? We do want to find time for training our bodies, experiencing that adrenaline rush and getting the winner feeling afterwards. Moreover, we should from time to time want to find a moment for training our minds, to calm down and take a break from the possibly stressful daily lifestyle.

Top: Nike x Yoga mat: Nike x Tea: SkinnyMeTea


An easy way to tackle time management problems is to do at least a part of your workouts home. And you don’t have to worry about figuring out yourself what to do there – there are plenty of really good online resources and apps that can not only help you get started but also engage you to multiple types of exercises for both your body and mind. At this point, I must mention that I have done the Kayla Itsines 12 week ebook training guide once and absolutely loved the challenges it had to offer. However, I guess Kayla’s #BBG is pretty familiar to quite many people reading this post so for now, I will focus on some other resources instead. Below I have written down a list of my current favourite apps. I use them mostly for home workouts but also sometimes at the gym. All apps are available for iPhone in app store – if you are using another phone, you might need to recheck for availability.

1. Pocket Yoga – free

  • Includes 3 different types of yoga sessions for different purposes where you have the ability to choose your experience level and the length of the exercise + much more.
  • A yoga mat is the only equipment needed. I use this app multiple times a week at home.

2. Nike+ Training Club – free

  • Includes over a hundred of workouts for cardio, toning and resistance with different experience levels and lengths. Regular updates and new workouts.
  • Some workouts require gym equipment such as kettle bells. I use this app both at home and at the gym.

3. Headspace – free 10 day trial (+ optional subscription for $12,99/month)

  • Meditation for beginners. Without any previous experience on meditation, I have been positively surprised how well this app has helped me to clear the mind and relax before going to sleep.
  • No equipment needed. I use this app daily at home.

In addition to using regularly the three apps listed above, I am very excited to start my first online wellness training course on next week Monday, 26.1.2015. This course is organized by, a group of Finnish guys who have a similar passion for wellness, clean eating and training as I do. I have met the Lifted guys personally earlier and even attended one of their workout sessions late last year. That workout session was something that I had never tried before and made me rethink a bit of the ways I am used to do workouts (as quickly as possible and with maximal weights). With Lifted, we were not using any equipment, all was done with body weight only and the session was twice longer than my usual workouts (over 2 hours). The workout itself didn’t feel really hard but oh yes, I could certainly feel the results afterwards. I must say that I was even pretty surprised of the effect, having my butt so sore I could hardly sit on a chair for the next few days.
So I’m really looking forward to attending this online course; it will include a set of lectures on nutrition and time management as well as provide training tips that can be done home as well. What’s even better, the material can be studied whenever and also reused, so the course won’t eat up any time from your calendar! The course will be organized in Finnish, so in case there are still any Finnish speaking readers that would like to attend, you can register at the website and get a -15% discount using the code “blueberry”. I can’t wait to share you the feelings after the course – in the meanwhile, I hope you find the apps listed above as fun and useful as I do!

xx a has asked me to attend the course. The other resources are not sponsored in any way.


2 thoughts on “Digital wellness for your body (and mind)

  1. I always make time for training, not only to keep myself active and healthy, but because I love it and it has become one of my favorite hobbies. On Sundays, I like to plan my workouts and distribute them during the days according to my schedules, this way I make sure I don’t skip any workout! btw I LOVE your pictures, so nice and cute :))))
    •The Health Blog for the Lazy Girl•


    1. Hi Jordina! That’s exactly how I feel as well – not working out because “I have to”, but because I just love it and it makes me feel good. 🙂 and I also book my gym classes one week in advance so everything’s well planned! Thank you for the kind words X


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