Epic sweet potato & chickpea salad

Beginning with a side note: I never use the word “epic”. Ever. I am not American and it just doesn’t fit into my mouth. However, after having enjoyed this bowl of deliciousness at least once every two weeks during the past few months, and now starting to think of descriptive adjectives to combine with the idea of it, I just cannot avoid making an exception and choose “epic”.
This salad is a combination of my favourite seasonal veggies; sweet potato and cauliflower, paired with a giant handful of dark leafy greens + a good amount of protein-rich chickpeas and quinoa, finished with some Kalamata olives and crunchy pomegranate seeds. Perfectly satisfying and comforting, works both hot and cold, as a lunch or as a dinner. I love having this salad with my dairy free cashew “cheese” and a big splash of apple cider vinegar, but I think organic feta or goat’s cheese could also be worth trying.

Epic sweet potato & chickpea salad

What you will need:

1/2dl quinoa (measure uncooked)

1 small sweet potato

1/2 of a small cauliflower head

1/2 can of pre-cooked chickpeas (120g drained weight)

a large handful of ruby chard or baby spinach

5-7 Kalamata olives

pomegranate seeds (antioxidants!)

fresh coriander, sprouts (optional)

For serving:

cashew cheese & apple cider vinegar

How to do it?

  • Cook your quinoa according to package instructions.
  • In the meanwhile, scrub your sweet potato and wash the cauliflower. Chop both and steam them until soft. I use a Lékue steam case.
  • Wash your leafy green and let it dry. Rinse the chickpeas.
  • Once your quinoa is ready, mix everything together, top the salad with some olives and pomegrate seeds & serve with cashew cheese and apple cider vinegar!

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