Forbidden veggie stir-fry with miso-tahini sauce

I recall traveling to Thailand for Winter holidays at least seven times during my childhood. Although several years have passed since the latest visit, I still hold on to some unforgettable memories from those travels. There are just so many beautiful things to love about that destination; most of them pretty obvious ones, but still oh so exotic for someone coming from the North: the sun, the sand, the sea, the burning sunsets…and of course – the exquisite cuisine. I just adore authentic Thai food, enjoyed by the beach, sand between the toes, cooked with fresh vegetables, even fresher seafood and a plethora of spices and sauces. One of my all time favourite Thai cuisine meals is a simple vegetable stir-fry with rice.

It goes without even saying that Thai food can be made pretty unhealthy and poor in nutrients, (especially when ordered in a non-authentic place such as Finland), by using tons of low-quality cooking oil, tired vegetables and refined, processed noodles or rice. My resolution to overcoming this misfortune is to just leave the take-aways and cook Thai-inspired meals at home instead. So, for today’s new recipe I have created a healthified version of vegetable stir-fry with rice. I must admit that the result is pretty far from authentic Thai, but I still thought I’d better share where the inspiration for this meal originally came from and decided to keep the intro.
My version of veggie stir-fry uses nutritious black “forbidden” rice instead of white rice and adds some extra twist to the meal with an all-but-typical-Thai miso-tahini sauce. Black (or purple) rice is a mineral-rich whole grain rice variety that contains iron, vitamin E and a significant amount of antioxidants. It has a nice, nutty flavour, similar to brown rice. It also has more fiber than white rice, thus making it a wiser option regarding your blood sugar levels. Black rice is the number one type of rice used in my kitchen and for the previously mentioned reasons I also encourage you to get familiar with this nutritious variety of the sometimes feared carb-bomb.

Forbidden veggie stir-fry with miso-tahini sauce

What you will need:

Serves 1


1/2dl black forbidden rice (measure uncooked)

1 small red onion

1 large carrot

a handful of broccoli

a handful of purple cabbage

a handful of leafy greens such as chard or baby spinach

1,5dl edamame beans (I use frozen ones)

1tsp sesame oil

fresh coriander, sesame seeds and lemon wedges to serve

Miso-tahini sauce:

1tsp dark (brown rice) miso paste

1/2tbsp unsalted tahini

1tbsp lemon juice

1tbsp water

How to do it?


  • Cook your rice and edamame beans according to package instructions to have them ready later on.
  • In the meanwhile, wash your veggies and peel those that need to be peeled. Chop the broccoli into small bits and slice the onion, cabbage and carrot into very thin slices (or use a mandolin if you have one).
  • Heat up a wok pan over high heat, add the sesame oil and cook the onion in it for 2-3 minutes until soft.
  • Over medium to high heat, stir-fry the remaining vegetables for another 2 minutes until still crunchy. Remove from heat and cover for 5 minutes.
  • Once your rice and edamame beans are ready, add them on the pan along with the leafy green. Stir, and serve immediately with miso-tahini sauce. Top with fresh coriander and add some extra lemon + sesame seeds if you like!

Miso-tahini sauce:

  • Mix all ingredients together in a cup. Add water to thin if needed.

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