Stockholm Checklist

Stockholm must be one of my favourite cities in Europe. Only an hour away from Helsinki by plane, it makes the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway. There are just so many things to love about this capital of the Swedes: the (health) food scene, the fashion, the culture, the people…and much more. Stockholm, like most bigger cities – but unlike my home city Helsinki – is clearly divided into different kinds of quarters which all have their own ambiance and specific things to do. What is special about Stockholm in this case though, is that in contrast to huge cities like Paris or London, almost everything is still within walking distance so you can easily get a glimpse of all the parts in just a few days’ time. I really like cities with these kind of tinier cities inside them…
So last weekend, I flew to Stockholm to take a little spring break from all the thesis writing, working and studying lately. I only had from Friday morning to Sunday evening but that was still plenty of time to stay in my usual Stockholm home away from home (the Story Hotel), get a little culture update (museums), eat delicious food (Stockholm is thank goodness very advanced what comes to eating healthy), and finally also upgrade my spring garderobe a bit (of course). Although I am not a Stockholm-er, I do visit the city usually a couple of times a year so I thought I’d write down this quick check list of my must-dos in Stockholm.


Story Hotel

The cutest little hotel with a perfect location just next to Biblioteksgatan shops and the beautiful sea. Mix and match furniture, art for sale and a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. Yummy traditional Scandinavian breakfast with lots of healthy options. Affordable price and the staff is always so nice. I’ve stayed here many times!


Fotografiska Museet (Photography Museum)

Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art)

These are both walking distance from the city centre. Check especially the current exhibitions and pick your favourites or visit both!


Sally Voltaire och Systrar

Healthy lunch salads and soups, juices and smoothies, lots of veg(etari)an options as well. Raw cakes, tea, coffee and a wide selection of kitchen ware, groceries and superfoods for sale in the combined restaurant/boutique. Located in the Åhlens department store so perfect for refueling whilst shopping.


Mainly raw vegan and organic restaurant. Raw tapas, salads, treats, smoothies and juice a bit outside the city centre in Södermalm but definitely worth the walk! Hanging plants on the walls and seats almost too small to sit on so do not have too much carryings when coming here. P.S. The staff is dressed as nurses.

Doctor Salad

Healthy and mostly 100% organic salads, veg(etari)an + options with salmon. Smoothies and juices as well. Close to Story hotel. Mainly for take-away as the salads are prepared in advance but also some seats for enjoying the lunch on place.


New healthy food cafe for me that had not yet opened when I visited last time. Stop for snacks of a quick lunch while strolling around Biblioteksgatan! Delicious chia pudding, coffee, raw cakes and salads.

Snickarbacken 7

Combined café and boutique worth the visit already because of the cutest premises. Good coffee and smoothies, also some sandwiches and salads etc. Ideal for a coffee/tea break.

Nosh & Chow

Dinner. Both food and decor on point. Delicious flavours with a not-so-traditional twist from all over the world. Make sure to book well in advance or if you can’t get a table, stop for a drink in the bar to see at least the interiors!


NK (Nordiska Kompaniet)

My favourite large department store with a wide selection of both Scandinavian and international brands. Remember to check the heavenly perfumes (and packaging) from Byredo.


A cool department store you should visit mainly for the design and atmosphere. Restaurants, cafes and the typical Scandinavian brands.


The Australian cosmetics brand with the most stylish stores in the coolest cities around the world. Check out if you love beautiful packaging, excellent product quality and above the usual concept design.

And Other Stories

Simple, Scandinavian style clothing, shoes and cosmetics from mainly their own brand but also from selected others. Very affordable and a great price/quality ratio in my opinion. The concept reminds me a tiny bit of Urban Outfitters made a lot more simple and less provoking.

Filippa K, Rodebjer, Whyred, Samsoe Samsoe, Tiger of Sweden, Acne

My favourite big Scandinavian brands with many many boutiques all over Stockholm. The stores usually have a bit different selections so you might want to visit multiple of them.

Ida Sjöstedt

The dreamiest party dresses and all other things that glitter. Can be found at least at the large department stores NK and Åhlens.

Maria Nilsdotter

The most amazing jewellery if you’re looking for something a bit more unique like constellations, skulls and angel wings. Also an own flagship store in Östermalm.


Say Lou Lou – Maybe You

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5 thoughts on “Stockholm Checklist

  1. I just went to Sweden a few months ago and you’re making me miss it badly! Wish I had known about all these great healthy places beforehand. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely refer to it if I get to go to Stockholm again.


    1. Hi Sandra! Happy that you like it. Stockholm is so nice and with a little extra knowledge you can find all these little gems there. 🙂 Hope you’ll be able to visit again soon!


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