Natural Inside Out

adjective, nat-u-ral, \ˈna-chə-rəl, ˈnach-rəl\
“produced or existing in nature; not artificial or manufactured” (Yourdictionary)

Outdoors food market in Le Marais, Paris

Many of you already know that I firmly believe in living and eating “natural”, which for me means avoiding synthetic additives and other suspicious ingredients in what I buy as well as always opting for organic when possible. I believe that this kind of lifestyle not only leads to better physical and mental wellbeing but is also a more sustainable choice for planet. Without any complex calculations, I would say that roughly 80-90% of the produce I use in my recipes and daily cooking is organic and 99% of it additive free. For products, I always check carefully the ingredient lists before trying new ones. I am lucky to live in such a central place in Helsinki that it is easy to get access to all this natural and organic goodness with a quite reasonable price when you just plan a little bit.
All this while still keeping things real of course! Meaning that if I go to my favourite restaurant and their menu is not 100% organic I of course would still eat and enjoy it…or if I don’t find the exact usual organic product in the foodstore just that day, I would cope and be able to stretch. It’s all about keeping the focus on the big picture. There are a bunch of useful guidelines to refer to when deciding what kinds of foods to always buy as organic and where there is room for consideration. I often check the well-known “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists by the Environmental Working Group when wanting to get an idea of how “safe” a certain fruit or veggie is. Surely there are country specific differences and these are U.S. rankings, but I still think the lists provide an easy, hands-on approach to the issue. An easy example of the information provided on the lists is that, in 2015, apples ranked the dirtiest with 99% having pesticide residues, whereas avocados were the cleanest ones tested with only 1% having pesticide residues. Thus I would rather buy apples as organic and think about the avocados twice. The complete lists and more information on the annual studies can be found behind the links above.

As important as it is to pay attention to what we put into our body, it is equally essential to choose carefully how we treat the body from the outside: what kind of products we use on it. I have used only natural or organic cosmetics for quite some time already with good results on my sensitive, easily irritated and rather dry skin. My concern for the cosmetics products started initially when approximately three-four years ago, I got a severe, very ugly skin condition called “perioral dermatitis” (you don’t want to do the Google search for pictures). The principle cause for this skin condition is unknown, but several factors like weather conditions, stress, taking the pill, food preferences, synthetic cosmetic products and such have found to have an effect on it. Back then, I took a long antibiotic treatment to get my face back to normal and was also told that the condition was likely to recur. I’ve never had any other major skin problems so this experience was something that really put me to think more carefully of how I treat the skin from the outside as well. So by today, I have switched all my cosmetics products to as natural as possible to avoid irritating the skin. Another important reason for preferring these kind of products is my willingness to support the values that many organic/natural cosmetics companies promote such as keeping in mind the impact for the planet by for example reducing waste while still offering excellent quality.
Some of my favourite organic cosmetics brands that I’ve used for ages and are available in Finland include for example Dr. Hauschka and Logona. Almost all the makeup products I use are from these two companies’ ranges. For the past few weeks, I have been trying also some new (for me) organic skincare from both Australian based Mukti Organics and the U.S. company Luminance Skincare. I was sent these sample products by the kind people behind the two companies and could not be happier to have discovered such high-quality, all natural products from brands previously unknown to me! Below you will find my thoughts on the products.

Mukti Organics / Naturally organic skincare. (normal/dry skin range):

Hydrating/Cleansing Lotion – A gentle cleansing lotion that washes away even eye makeup which is really a must for me because I don’t tend to use multiple cleansers for the face. I apply a cleansing toner and moisturizer after cleansing with this product. Herbal, rosy scent (lovely!).

Rose Blosson Hydrating Mist Toner – Refreshing rosy mist to spray on the face in the morning to wake up the skin. The product is very gentle and light so for the evening I tend to use a more cleansing toner in combination with the cleansing lotion. Again a delicious herbal, rosy scent.

Hydrating MoisturizerA perfect nourishing moisturizer to use both night and day. Easily absorbed and leaves the skin a nice matte finish unlike many other dry skin products. You can guess the scent already.

P.S. Big love to Mukti for the beautiful package design using glass bottles of course!

Luminance Skincare / Vegan. Organic. No toxins. No synthetics. (suggestions for normal/dry skin):

Rosewater Hydrating Facial MaskA smooth, super hydrating mask to apply in the evening after cleansing the face. I’ve been using this approximately once a week, letting it absorb for at least 20 minutes, then washing the reminders away and applying regular moisturizer before going to sleep. So smooth! Light, neutral rosy scent.

Organic Skin Lotion – My daily body lotion at the moment, I love how the lotion is very deeply moisturizing without leaving the skin greasy at all. It absorbs so quickly that you can use it even in the morning without the need to worry about ruining your clothes! Neutral scent.

Skin Butter – Rescue cream for any super dry areas such as hands or feet. Ideal for applying in the evening and leaving it do the magic in the night time. Keep it on the side of your bed and apply before sleep. Neutral scent.

Delicate Facial Cleanser, Pure Rosewater Toner and Hydration Face Moisturizer – I took these handy-sized products into my travel-kit so I’ve tried them for only a couple of days by today. The cleanser leaves the skin feeling very pure so no strong toner is needed in my opinion afterwards. The rose toner is lovely refreshing and light like pure 100% rosewater as usual. The moisturizer is excellent for both night and day, leaves the skin feeling deeply moisturized from the inside but not at all greasy from the outside. All in all a perfect neutral-scented set for your daily skincare routine without additional products needed and also a handy kit for traveling thanks to the package sizes!

Let me know below if you have any more questions about the products (or my skincare routine)! And please remember these are just my personal reviews – full descriptions of the products can be found on the companies’s websites linked above.

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