Holiday favourites

If you’ve read my earlier post on skin care, you should know I prefer organic/ natural cosmetics and usually stick to a handful of brands that I’ve been using for ages – you can check some of my beauty essentials from Annie’s recent post on her blog She’s In the Glow. One favourite natural cosmetics brand of mine is Jurlique. To be specific, Jurlique actually is not “certified organic”, yet the products are of 95% natural origin – either grown in Australia on Jurlique’s own biodynamic farm or then sourced locally. So at least I consider Jurlique “natural” even though the packaging does not include any of those differentiating labels/ logos on it.

I actually came across the brand only when Maria from Jurlique Finland contacted me, suggested meeting up and discussing more about their products, natural cosmetics in general, health and other common interests of ours. I took an instant liking on Jurlique after listening to the story about the founders, a German born bio-chemist and his wife, who moved to Australia with the intention to grow all those secret natural ingredients; herbs and flowers, themselves in a more ideal climate and then turn them into actual products to sell for those looking for a natural but still high-performing option to use in daily skin care routines. Why I like Jurlique cosmetics so much is because they feel super powerful while still being made of pure ingredients that I know I can safely use on my sensitive skin. I also love the packaging and beautiful visual feel of the brand which definitely makes a difference among many others.

Now during summer time, my favourite Jurlique product is the Purely White day cream which has a sun protection factor 30 on it. Last year, I remember looking for an organic/ natural cosmetics every day face cream with an SPF included from many different stores in Helsinki but I could only find BB creams with extra tint or colour in them, which was not what I wanted. After finally finding it, I’ve been using the Purely White cream each day for a couple of months already. Another Jurlique summer time must for me is the Sun Specialist natural self tan cream which I fell in love with right after trying the Sun Kiss spa treatment in Living Day Spa in Helsinki.

I absolutely loved the evening at the spa, which started with a half an hour in the steam room to prepare for the Nature Touch facial treatment including cleansing, scrubbing and a mask – all using Jurlique products. Followed by a full body scrub and a light self tan for the whole body, if was a super nice start for an upcoming vacation in the sun. There is a possibility to shower in the spa both before and after the treatment (using natural products of course) so it’s ideal for coming even right after work or gym. Also, the facial is so gentle that you can also leave wherever you want afterwards without a red or irritated face. Happy with the overall experience, I packed myself the same Jurlique self tan cream (which by the way doesn’t smell horrible at all as some self tans do) to try during holidays and maintain that healthy looking glow without the fear of burning.

Wishing you the best summer + holidays,

xx a

The spa experience and most of the products are sponsored by Jurlique.



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