Winter Skin Care Favourites

I’ve written a blog post or two already previously about some of my favourite skin care products, why I tend to use only natural/ organic cosmetics and how they work for my skin. A couple of months ago I also talked with Annie from She’s in the Glow about some of my skin care essentials, products that I keep always at home and would need ‘stranded on a desert island’. In general, I’m lucky to have good skin, I only very rarely get any spots or impurities to the face…A clean diet, regular exercise and a semi-rigorous skin care routine are probably the main reasons, however, I also believe that using only natural cosmetics for more than four years by now has had a positive effect on my skin health. Below I have listed down my current favourite picks for the face, ideal for dry skin, as well as my essentials for the body.


Korres “Milk Proteins” 3 in 1 Cleanser

I like cleansers that I can use for the whole face, eyes also…One that removes my regular day mascara, bronzing powder and eyebrow pencil at once. This Korres Milk Proteins Cleanser is perfect for the purpose when using only light make up like me. It’s mild enough to not irritate the eyes, still easily removing everything from the skin without the need for harsh rubbing. For heavier make up, I would imagine needing some extra cleanser for the eyes…

Jurlique “BLOOM” Rosewater Balancing Mist

I’ve tried many different rose waters to use as toners during the past few years and still this Jurlique one remains my favourite. I like spraying it on the face morning, day and night to give a fresh feel to the skin and a delicious scent of rose around me…I splash it directly on my face, eyes closed, and then apply moisturizer on top.

Jurlique “Rose Moisture Plus” Cream

My dry skin tends to turn red-ish especially in the winter time, that’s why I most often go for rose creams; to balance the redness in addition to fighting the dryness. This Jurlique cream is super rich so you only need to apply a tiny bit of it to leave the skin feeling hydrated…Yet it’s not oily at all, giving a matte finish to the face – I’m ready in 2 minutes with this face cream, some bronzing powder on the cheeks and light pen under the eyes.

Korres “Almond Blossom” Cream

This is the perfect night cream for dry skin, especially for winter time. Likewise to the Jurlique Rose Cream, it’s very very rich so only a small amount is sufficient for a deep hydrating feeling. Such a nice, fresh scent also…

Frank Body “Creamy Face Scrub”

I use this coffee scrub from Frank usually once a week to remove all the dead cells and dryness from my face, each time left out with a skin feeling a-mazingly soft and deliciously smelling…Can’t go wrong with this coffee + coconut combo, I use it also for the body when only a gentle scrub is necessary. 

Body Shop “Tea Tree Oil

Whenever I notice a spot appearing on my face, I immediately use tea tree oil on top to dry it out. Don’t be fooled by the name, this “oil” really doesn’t feel oily at all, instead just liquid-y and calming on the face. Such a miracle product seriously!


Korres “Velvet Orris, Violet, White Pepper” Body Milk 

I love this product mostly for the delicious sweet scent it has, almost like a second perfume. I use it each morning on my legs and arms after shower…I like this product for the day because t dries out immediately so there’s no need to worry about ruining your clothes! I use this body milk all year round, in the summer for both day and night, whereas in the winter I sub it for dry oil in the night time for extra hydration. 

Frank Body “Creamy Face Scrub”

See above!

Lush “Aromaco” Solid Deodorant

I’ve been concerned by the aluminum in most deodorants for ages and have afterwards tried many natural deodorants as well as crystal stones from different brands. Many of these products, especially if they are scented, irritated my dry skin, blocked the pores under my arms or just didn’t work as supposed to. This Lush deodorant block is the best aluminum free, natural deodorant that I’ve found so far. First I was a bit sceptic about dumping the soap-looking thingy in the water and then rubbing it under my arms but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I wouldn’t change it for anything. It has a super nice, mild natural patchouli scent that doesn’t irritate the skin and it works as well for a regular day as it works for a sweaty gym session or party (it doesn’t leave any white marks on black clothes!). Lastly, it’s not even a liquid so it’s easy to pack to your carry-on when traveling with hand luggage only.


This is the daily rescue balm for any dry spots in the face or body. I use it as a thick hand cream before going to bed, as an instant cure for drying cuticles and for heels about to crack…I like keeping it in my handbag so I always have it available when needed. Works as a lip balm also when running out of rouge…

What are your favourite beauty products? Comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Winter Skin Care Favourites

  1. I noticed the jurlique bloom rose water second ingredient is alcohol. Have you had any issues with it drying your skin out? Also does it come in a glass bottle?
    In the US it comes in a similar bottle but it doesn’t have BLOOM written across the bottle. I wonder if it’s the same.


    1. Hi Kat, BLOOM is a “limited edition” of the rose water, it does come in a glass bottle. It doesn’t dry my skin at all, I sprinkle it on my face morning and night… 🙂


  2. Korres 3-in-1 is my go-to product as well, I keep trying other products every now and then but it can’t be beat. But I was surprised to see that the Lush deodorant you recommend has propylene glycol in it? It’s known to cause skin irritation on some people, and is also avoided by most comestics brands, even Korres. But it’s really hard to find a good, natural deodorant. I’ve heard good things about the Santé aluminium-free stick, but have yet to try.


    1. Hi Saara, yeah, I’ve read it can cause irritation to some people. Still, this has been the best working and most natural deodorant I’ve found this far…it hasn’t caused any allergies to me at least yet, and I’ve been using for some time. I think I’ve tried the Santé stick but it just wouldn’t work for me. 😦


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