UPDATES + Matcha banana pancakes

I don’t even know where to start, there’s been so many new things going on during the past six months or so..! Graduating from my university (I have a MSc. in Economics + Business Administration now – wow), changing jobs and in the meanwhile opening two (!) own companies — most importantly DATE + KALE; a new health food concept that we came up with together with Richard. DATE + KALE is plant based, gluten free and natural…very similar to what blueberryboost has grown into, I would say. Some other words that we’ve written down to best describe how we feel about DATE + KALE are:

zero waste
fast food
cute but cool

We’ve been secretly planning this brand for quite some time already and there’s going to be many exciting things happening this year. To give an idea of what’s coming up, we’ll be starting with a monthly health food delivery box in February…check our site and our instagram @letseatdreams to find out more + keep track on what we’re up to. 🙂


On top of starting with DATE + KALE, I’m working on my first own cook book! During the past year, I was involved with two cook book projects as a food stylist + writer for someone else, but of course making a book out of my own recipes will be something totally different so I’m super excited about this opportunity..! It will be published only in ten months or so (and for the English speaking market mostly), but we are already shooting in March so I’ve spent quite some time during the past couple of weeks planning, mood boarding and testing recipes…It’s going to be something super yummy (and pretty!) and I’ll promise to keep you updated.


So I guess this was me explaining a little bit the lack of posts here on the blog side lately, with all these new projects on going and coming up…I’ll still be posting recipes + updates + other stuff here every once in a while, and of course I’ll be instagramming daily as usual on @anniskk. However, as I’ll probably be more active on the DATE + KALE site in the future, I’d be super happy if you were there also, eating dreams together with us… ❤ In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy these matcha pancakes as much as I did this morning.

Matcha banana pancakes

Makes enough for one person

What you will need:

1/2 dl wholegrain spelt flour

1/2 dl quinoa flour

1 dl oat milk

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 flax “eggs”

a handful baby spinach

2/3 large banana (leave the rest for toppings)

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

1/2 tsp matcha powder

+ coconut oil for frying

Preferred toppings:

banana, fresh + dried berries, tahini

How to do it?

  • First prepare the flax “eggs” by mixing 2 tbsp ground flax seeds with 6 tbsp water. Place the mixture then in the fridge to “build up” for 5-10 minutes.
  • Combine the oat milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice to make “buttermilk”. Place this mixture in the fridge as well.
  • While the “eggs” and “buttermilk” are waiting in the fridge, pre-heat a large frying pan. Also mix the spelt and quinoa flour, vanilla and matcha together. Add 2/3 of a mashed banana (you can leave the rest for toppings).
  • Check your flax eggs in the fridge. If they already have a thick “egg-like” consistency, add them into the dry ingredients. Then blend the spinach and buttermilk together and add to the batter. Mix well with a fork.
  • Fry the pancakes from both sides on the pan with a little coconut oil and enjoy them with your favourite toppings. I like to add blueberries, black currants, some banana, mulberries and tahini…

xx a


5 thoughts on “UPDATES + Matcha banana pancakes

    1. Ne on niin hyviä! En oo kokeillut ilman banaaneja, pellavansiementen pitäis kyllä pitää koostumus kasassa yksinkin mut laittaisin ehkä jotain muuta makeuttajaa banaanin tilalle. 🙂


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