Body Camp Photo Diary

I’ve just got home from one of the best holidays I’ve had in years. After a week of healthy eating, tanning, laughing and working out with a group of awesome people, I feel happy, energized and inspired. I didn’t go to Body Camp Ibiza to lose weight or go through a major lifestyle change, but rather to have a fun, active holiday with my best friend. I’ve been wanting to go on a wellness retreat for a long time but wasn’t sure what kind of camp to choose – Body Camp mixes a little bit of everything from boxing (my favourite!) to capoeira and dancing to yoga (another favourite of mine!). Attending each workout session is of course expected, but everyone can pretty much just do what feels best for them. The stronger the mind, the easier it is to keep up with the routine, but of course it is also important to listen to our bodies.

The food at the camp was fresh, delicious and mostly plant based although there was also some chicken and seafood options – the chef Ben made a special pescetarian meal plan for me as I for a meat-free option. 🙂 Smoothie bowls, chia pudding, poached eggs, seafood, bliss balls…I just loved it and wasn’t hungry once although the meals were smaller than what I’m used to. Of course I’m also used to this type of eating which made adjusting to the diet easy for me – for some campers the transition to eating cleaner food than usual was a bit of a shock in the beginning but everyone got over any ‘detox’ reactions pretty quickly. We ate almost all meals at the camp or took packed lunches to go with us, so there wasn’t that much time to explore other local health food but obviously on the travel days we visited some cafés nearby. It was actually very very relaxing not to have to worry about food and what to eat next for a whole seven days!

During the week, we had the possibility to choose from a range of different treatments for the body and mind, I did massage, reflexology and craniosacral therapy and even had some tarot cards read to me…All this at our mountain villa. Although our days were scheduled around different types of exercise, the week left me rather energized than exhausted as we also had quite some time for just chilling by the salt water infinity pool and exploring downtown Ibiza and hippy markets at Sand Juan.

I would definitely recommend this retreat for anyone who wants to have a fun, active holiday in a beautiful environment while enjoying the sun and some fresh, clean food. For health nuts like me, it is fairly easy to adjust to the rhythm of the week, for others it might take a bit more determination and power of mind. What really made the experience at the end, were the people sharing it, constantly encouraging everyone to do better – of course the Body Camp team but also our group of 16 campers who I can’t wait to meet again!

xx a


2 thoughts on “Body Camp Photo Diary

  1. This retreat looks fantastic! I absolutely love traveling to new places and trying new activities! This seems like such a relaxing getaway for you and such a magical opportunity!


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