Ti Sana Photo Diary

Ti Sana is a multi-award-winning medical spa and ‘detox’ retreat in Arlate, Italy (that would be somewhere near Milan and lake Como, in seriously the most beautiful Italian countryside surroundings). What is meant by ‘detox’ at Ti Sana, is not a hardcore fasting or cleansing regime, but a ‘healthetarian’ meal plan, which is basically a plant based diet with the addition of egg whites + daily optional exercise and spa treatments. The ‘healthetarian’ plan has two options; juicing and solid food plan, out of which I did the latter one because I wasn’t looking to lose any weight. Basically I would have a solid breakfast, lunch and dinner + two snacks per day. The customized food plans are supposed to be alkalizing, low in sodium, rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre and good carbs – with this type of diet the body can ‘detox’ a.k.a. reduce stress levels, acidity and inflammation. I was expecting something similar to what I cook myself, lots of dark greens and ‘pseudograins’ with beans, lentils and so on for protein. However, what we got was actually a healthified version of Italian food (sweet breakfast, even pasta and polenta).

A typical food day would be lots of carbohydrates and fruit for breakfast, more carbs for lunch and snacks and a smaller dinner with egg white and/ or soy protein. On the first and second day, I felt a bit dizzy, bloated and tired after this overload of sugar (from fruit) and carbs compared to my normal diet back at home, where I don’t eat for example wheat at all and not so many sugary fruits. On the the third day, my stomach was aching, but for the rest of the time felt just fine and energetic. I was though a little bit surprised by the amount of soy and egg white products that were given to us. I do love tofu, tempeh and edamame beans back at home, but still get a majority of my proteins from other, unprocessed plant sources such as black beans or quinoa…with occasional (whole) eggs or seafood when eating out. At Ti Sana we would have almost only soy based and egg white proteins – and a lot of them; twice every day during snack time we would get a very sweet-tasting ‘Albumine’ protein shake made out of egg whites and added minerals (that I skipped on days 2, 3 and 4).

In addition to the ‘healthetarian’ nutrition plan, my stay included one integrated health diagnostic, one Regmatex and PPG treatment as well as one angel of water treatment and massage + daily spa and gym access. Before coming to Ti Sana, I knew the basics of my body constitution, but I still got a lot of additional interesting information on my blood circulation, stress levels and areas of inflammation in the body. Apparently my body constitution is excellent, but at the same time I’m also overall very stressed and my body is quite acidic (so obviously I spent my nights at Ti Sana studying more about the alkaline diet). During the stay, I did long walks, some interval training, stretching and even tried some new workouts like Qi Gong. The workouts were quite easy but still fun and left me with a good feeling. The spa was lovely, with infrared and steam saunas, hammam, jacuzzi, pools and waterfall showers – the best thing at Ti Sana in my opinion! Angel of water (also available at the spa), then again, is basically a colon cleanse treatment – Google it for details – that is said to be very beneficial for the health, especially if you have stomach issues or have been eating unhealthily. I was okay with trying it as a one-off  ‘cleanse’ out of interest but it’s not something I would do on a regular basis as I didn’t feel so well afterwards although everyone else did…this is again another proof that something that can be really beneficial for one might not work for the other at all. Also I eat so healthy anyways that I don’t think there is really a point for me to do this kind of cleanse.

All in all, I enjoyed my stay for these couple of days. The food felt by no means ‘detoxing’ as there was no salt and nearly no oil added – BUT – some of the meals were nice and all the veggie ingredients were just amazingly fresh, clearly coming from very near, some of them even picked from an own garden. What I liked the most were the beautiful surroundings, the spa treatments (+ lovely staff) and the overall feeling of calmness…as well as the Ti Sana library with lots and lots of interesting books about health and nutrition. Every night I slept like a baby and these couple of days were definitely a good break for my mind.


you want to spend time on your own in a beautiful, peaceful place

you are looking for a nice spa experience and love being pampered

you feel like you need a quite extreme change to your diet and eating habits

Thank you Ti Sana for inviting me!

xx a


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