Interviews + Collaborations

01.12.2014 VISTA EATS – You colour my world!
23.12.2014 The Runway Blog – A recipe series with Anni Kravi: POWER
20.01.2015 The Runway Blog – A recipe series with Anni Kravi: TREAT
19.5.2015 She’s in the Glow – One Nordic Wellness Blogger Shares Beauty Essentials
29.6.2015 The Chalkboard Magazine – Waking Up in Helsinki: A Blueberry Breakfast Bowl from Anniskk
15.8.2015 Vogue – The Smoothie Bowl Phenomenon: It’s What’s for Breakfast
31.10.2015 COOL AND THOUGHTFUL – anni kravi
4.11.2015 Eight Magazine – Eight Scandinavian Instagrammers You Should Be Following
24.11.2015 The Collective Magazine – BERRY GOOD
13.12.2015 SAFKATUTKA
12.02.2016 She’s in the Glow – How to Construct the Perfect Smoothie Bowl
21.02.2016 RED VALENTINO – Smoothie bowl is #REDilicious
25.08.2016 Glorian Ruoka ja Viini, Issue 6/2016

6 thoughts on “Interviews + Collaborations

  1. Hey Anni, I just came across your blog and just love the pictures and your recipes sound delicious. I was just wondering if you could let me know how to make oat milk. I live in Canada and I can’t seem to find oat milk in stores. I’m assuming it’s just oats blended with water but I thought I would ask just in case.


  2. Hi Anni, nice to meet you. Just wanna say that you have incredible pictures! I was wondering what application do you use to edit those lovely picture? Is it vsco? If yes, whats your fav present. ☺️😊


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