Recipe Index

Earlybird Brekkies (when you have a bit more time in the morning)
Baked apple cinnamon oatmeal
Baked berry oatmeal + blackcurrant vanilla chia jam
Basic (boosted) spelt banana pancakes
Blueberry cardamom porridge
Blueberry vanilla pancakes
Carrot cake pancakes
Carrot cake porridge
Crunchy bananacacao pancakes
Matcha banana pancakes
Quinoa banana waffles
Quinoa flake power porridge
Raw apple cinnamon buckwheat porridge
Raw choc nectarine buckwheat porridge
Rye and sea buckthorn porridge
Red Velvet pancakes
Wild blueberry breakfast bowl
Brekkie Bowls (smoothie bowls)
Berry pink
Berry purple
Cleansing green
Creamy green
Crispy blue
Fruity blue
Shock pink (beet)
Busy Bee Brekkies (can be prepared in advance)
Autumn apple + fig Bircher muesli
Apple + cinnamon multigrain Bircher
Blueberry Chai overnight porrij
Bunny Bircher
Cacao baobab overnight oats w/ quinoa
Choc chia overnight breakfast
Mulberry, vanilla + matcha overnight oats
(Overnight) breakfast carrot cake
The ultimate overnight breakfast parfait
Yin Yang overnight porridge + Berry smoothie bowl
Savoury (lunch/dinner)
Autumn vegetable and quinoa salad
Black bean, corn and quinoa salad
Brussels sprouts with quinoa, almonds and cranberries
Carrot + quinoa bread
Creamless creamy butternut squash soup
Easy multigrain chia power bread
Epic sweet potato & chickpea salad
Forbidden veggie stir-fry with miso-tahini sauce
Gingered green lentil + butternut squash soup
Juicy green burgers
Mango rainbow quinoa salad with ginger-tamari chicken
Moroccan spiced lentil and sweet red pepper soup
Multi-everything bread
Rainbow amaranth salad with sneaky strawberries
Salmon & amaranth “sushi” salad
Simple sweet beet soup
Smoked paprika aubergine pasta
Smoky baked falafels
Spicy tofu and vegetable stew
Summer rolls
Sweet potato, chicken & coconut milk curry
Tamari-almond zoodles with mint + pea tofu
The perfect easy #lunchbox
The standard Soba bowl
Quinoa and amaranth veggie sushi
Snack time! + misc.
Amaranth-Superberry “gran-uesli”
Cacao-Goji “gran-uesli”
Chunky sea buckthorn and hazelnut raw chocolate
CHIA puddings
Chewy cashew mylk pulp squares
Cinnamon cashew mylk
Crunchy glutenfree Chai sprinkles
Fig + pistachio muesli
Gingerbread (coconut oil) popcorn
Golden Mylk
KALE + citrus juice
Liquid licorice smoothie
Minty Matcha slices
Night time chocolate
Nordic superfood snackbites
Raw choc-tahini-caramel slices
RAW gingerbread bites
Raw powerbars
Snackbites of the Gods
Wild blueberry Bliss Balls
Blackcurrant vanilla chia jam
Healing Hummus
Kale and cashew Pesto
Lemon-tahini dressing
Miso-tahini sauce
Peanut dressing
Pink beetroot Pesto
Purple butterbean dip
Raw garlicky cashew “cream cheese”
Smoked paprika tempeh (or tofu)
Three-green spread

3 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. Great recipes- di you have one for the rainbow brownies you sell in your shop! I can’t always get there!!


    1. Thank you! Unfortunately not – all the recipes at DATE + KALE are much newer than these ones. 🙂 the dough is quite similar to some of the bliss balls though!


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